November has been established as the month of social awareness about men’s health. The aim of this month is to educate and raise global awareness on issues that affect men’s physical and mental health as well as to encourage organizations to develop more accurate health policies and services that meet the specific needs of men of all ages.

Men’s lifespan is about 5 years less than women’s and it is estimated that most men spend the last years of their lives in poor health. The three main causes that reduce the lifespan of a man are cardiovascular diseases, suicides, and accidents. Other major health problems affecting men are cancer, kidney disease, diabetes, respiratory diseases, depression, influenza and pneumonia.

NIPD Genetics has created the Movember Package, which includes blood and urine analysis of specific biomarkers to evaluate men’s overall health, as well as biomarkers for prostate, liver, testicular, pancreatic, colorectal, and bone cancer.

For the month of November, with every Movember package purchase, NIPD Genetics will be donating €5 to Europa Uomo Cyprus, which aims to inform the public and raise awareness about prostate cancer.