Women’s Health Week

Women’s Health Week was established to encourage women to prioritize their health and to raise awareness around women’s health needs and best practices.

The objective of this week is to remind women to find the time to focus on themselves and encourage them to take actions to improve their physical and mental health.

All women, regardless of their age, should follow these simple steps to a healthier life:

  • Schedule regular checkups and preventive screenings
  • Have an active lifestyle
  • Eat healthier
  • Focus on mental health
  • Get enough sleep
  • Manage stress
  • Give up unhealthy habits

A woman’s health check starts at home. Self-checking is strongly recommended as there are several things women can check on their own. Eating a healthy diet and maintaining an ideal body weight can prevent diseases like diabetes and chronic arthritis. Regular exercise helps to maintain an ideal body weight, improve sleep, prevent diseases and improve mental health. Mental health is a major contributor to overall health. Women experiencing stress, fatigue or intense sadness should discuss these feelings with their doctor.

Women should also regularly check their skin at home. Freckles, moles, or anything unusual should be monitored and mentioned to the doctor. Most importantly, women should perform a breast self-check at least once a month to check for changes that may indicate breast cancer.

It is also recommended that women have annual doctor’s appointments for general checkup to help them stay healthy and identify early warning signs of disease or illness such as cancer or diabetes. Treatment of many diseases can be more effective when diagnosed at an early stage. Based on family medical history, a doctor will know if there is a high risk of a specific disease and recommend examination at key time intervals.

Specialists to see by decade of age:


The above table was created based on recommendation from national and international organizations and forums. This table cannot replace professional medical advice. It can only be used for informational or educational purposes.

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The content is intended only for educational purposes and should not be perceived as medical advice.